CHERRYPIMPS FAMILY Zoey Monroe Dealing For TV Remote With Stepbro After Fuck

Watch free CHERRYPIMPS FAMILY full video ‘Sweet Revenge‘ where stepsis Zoey Monroe winning the TV remote from her stepbro in exchange for her teen pussy.

Like every other step sibling Zoey Monroe and Logan fight every Sunday on what show will be running on the TV. Zoey loves music videos and Logan likes to watch sports.
So there’s always competition on who gets to control the TV remote.
Finally, Zoey gets fed up and rudely tells Logan to watch sports on his phone. But Logan reminds her that he’s elder and she has no right to talk like this with him.
Logan tried to take control over her. But unlucky for him, she walked in on his little revenge scheme and decides to blackmail him instead.
She opens the door of her pussy and takes Logan’s cock inside. Now Zoey has full control of her stepbrother.

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Actors: Zoey Monroe